NouVeau Pro: 12 Piece Best Seller Vegan Set


A selection of 12 premium vegan brushes from our nouVeau Collection for pros and passionistas.

Cruelty-free manufacturing ✓
100% renewable resources ✓
100% Made in USA ✓

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NouVeau Pro 12 Piece Vegan Brush Set is a game changer for vegan makeup artists and enthusiasts. All makeup brushes in this set are from our NouVeau Collection

Siân’s vegan makeup brushes look and feel like real hair and are soft and flexible to use. Nouveau brushes fit faces perfectly and contain our signature pyramid shaped brushes. If you love to contour and blend, then this set is for you!

NouVeau Pro is versatile and works with all types of makeup.

Vegan Brown Squirrel Brushes:

  • #1/N Super Fine Bent Liner 
    Eyeliner, Details
  • #2 Arc Blender
    Concealer, Contour, Creams
  • #7 Soft Fan Duster 
    Powder, Highlighter

Vegan Mongoose Brushes:

  • #3 All About Lip 
    Lip Colour, Concealer
  • #4 Pyramid Contour
    Foundation, Concealer, Contour
  • #17 Soft Concave Fan
    Highlighter, Powder

Vegan Blue Squirrel Brushes:

  • #8 Perfect Shadow Blender
    Eye Shadow
  • #10 Soft Shadow Contour
    Eye Shadow
  • #11 Soft Shadow Accent
    Eye Shadow
  • #12 Pyramid Blusher
    Blush, Powder, Bronzer
  • #14 Super Soft Wedged Contour
    Powder, Contouring, Blush
  • #15 Pyramid Socket 
    Eye Shadow

Freebie with this set: Vegan Brush Shampoo

We recommend you keep your brushes clean and conditioned with Vegan Brush Shampoo


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