21st Century Makeup is our thing. Siân knows that the secret to amazing makeup is to have a finish as powderless as possible to let the light shine through. Our 4K Longwear Creme is a global sensation. It’s a silicone longwear formula (for up to 30 hours), is humidity proof, water proof and friction proof. Longwear is self setting and once it’s on it doesn’t move. Multi functionality means that you can use it for eyes, shadow, brows and liner, cheeks, foundation, concealer and tattoo cover. Our selection of skin tones takes you from the fairest of Celtic and Skandinavian to the richest East African. All our cosmetics are  high quality, richly pigmented, paraben and cruelty free.

4K Lipwear is a multi functional lip and cheek collection that works for any skin tone and can be used on top of 4K Longwear creme as a translucent finisher, without disrupting the Longwear formula.

Alco Colour is a vinyl alcohol activated paint used for body adornment or creative makeups. It dries matte, is buildable, flexible and long lasting.

Colour is nature’s greatest natural enhancement. Benefit from our gorgeous celebration of colour when you choose any of our products.

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