Brush Cleaning, Care and Storage

Owning SRL Makeup Brushes is just the first step to successful makeup application but equally important is how you maintain and clean them. When you invest in beautiful brushes, the correct cleaning, care and storage protocol is essential to keep them in tip top condition and we have this whole category dedicated to that mission.

Our Brush Shampoo is world famous and the Original Benchmark product for safe ocean and eco friendly brush care. We offer Brush Cleaning Kits in order for you to have a one stop solution to brush care too! Our additional products like Brush Covers and Brush Cocoons to help keep your brushes from contaminating others once dirty, and help keep them in their shape once clean and dry.
You can use our Brush Drying Racks to help you to dry 26 brushes in a compact space and upside down so any water just runs out and away.

Once you have done all that, we have absolutely gorgeous USA hand made Brush Organizers which are stunning padded Japanese cotton storage rolls that protect your brushes once clean and dry, also enables your brushes to breathe in allowing the passage of oxygen around each brush. Bacteria can not multiply in oxygenated environments, so these brush rolls are multi functional and beautiful original art pieces to store your brushes in.

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