Siân Richards made brushes because she couldn’t find the quality she was looking for. She launched in 2009 as London Brush Company and they have graced the faces of film and fashion ever since. SRL™ Brushes are now legendary and to own them is to loe them.
We use premium grade hair, wood from sustainable forests for handles, non toxic paint, and low toxicity glue inside the ferrule. This makes them long lasting, soft to the touch and superior in their application and blending abilities.

Classic and Best Kept Secret Natural Hair Collections are made of premium sable, squirrel and cashmere. NouVeau and Innovation Vegan Hair Collections are monofilament, Vegan-friendly hair. Debut Set makes a great starter kit and our Premium Brush Sets make choosing easy!

Don’t forget to wash them all with our original SRL™ Brush Shampoo.

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