We know SRL is a gorgeous brand to stock and we have made it easy for you to do so. Our products are diverse, quality is always excellent and there are no minimum order quantities, rather a minimum order value. This system will enable you to have a greater diversity of inventory. Please note that no ‘on sale’ items can be ordered in wholesale.

We have a Tier-based wholesale system which automatically adjusts your current Tier Status to your order. There are initial buy-in’s for each tier. We’re happy to assist you in choosing a collection that suits your business perfectly. We have repeat order value pricing per Tier and if you are not ready to purchase that repeat order at the allotted time, we can work with you so that you can purchase during a time that is convenient within that annual ordering cycle. We have generously priced samples which you are able to purchase for testers twice a year and we have made it as streamlined as possible to help you glide through your ordering process. Once you partner with us, all ordering is done online and automated for your convenience. We ship from New York City for North America/Canada/Australia/Asia, and London for the UK/EU/Africa/UAE.

SRL Wholesale Tiers

Small buy-in
Lower discount
Regular buy-in
Standard discount
Single store Companies
High buy-in
Best discount
Multi-store Companies
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