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Classic Pro contains 12 brushes from our Classic Collection:
European Pine Squirrel Brushes:
14:    Luxe Shadow Fluff Large
15B: Luxe Shadow Fluff Small
16:   Luxe Shadow Blender
20:  Luxe Blush Blender Medium
Sable Brushes:
1A: Super Fine Angled Liner
1:  Fine Detail
4:  Luxury Lip
5:  All Purpose
7:  Baby Blender
9:  Beautiful Blender
11: Queen Foundation
21: Razor Slant Liner




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Classic Pro is our best selling brush set. All 12 brushes are made for multi-functionality and enable you to break the rules! Great brushes create great makeup. These are our best selling brushes from Classic Collection.

Classic Pro combines two types of hair; sable and squirrel.

Sable is perfect with all types of makeup. It has a tremendous snap which makes blending seamless and fast, and it is really soft too. When you use this it feels like a spa treatment every time. If you are a makeup artist, your clients will thank you and notice the difference and if you are an enthusiast, you will adore the results – every time.

Sable brushes are terrific with these makeups:

  • Foundations to include: Water Based, Oil Based, Silicon Based
  • Powders to include: Compact, Loose, Blush, Bronzer, Eye Shadow, Brow
  • Creams to include: Lipstick, Cheek, Shadow
  • Gels to include: Liner, Brow, Glitter

To compliment the snap of Sable, we have ultra soft Pine Squirrel for all soft powder application. Squirrel hair is so soft because it is fine and delicate and that softness speeds up blending as it automatically follows the architecture of your face.? You get no fallout and flawless results fast.

Pine Squirrel brushes are terrific with these makeups:

  • Powders to include: Eye Shadows, Blushers, Bronzers, Shimmers, Glitters, Compact Setting, Loose setting.
  • Creams – for the shorter hair brushes
  • Paints for colour washes and details

How To Keep It Clean:

Use Goatmilk Brush Shampoo as it is the formula created for natural hair brushes because it conditions the hair as well as deep cleans all in one go.
Once washed, this brush typically is dry and ready to use in around 5-30 minutes.
To make keeping them clean super easy, try our Brush Cleaning Kits

GWP: We give you a free Goat Milk Brush Shampoo with this set.
12 Piece Classic Pro Brush Set is available online only

Hair Type: European Sable/ European Pine Squirrel
Cruelty-free manufacturing
100% renewable resources
100% Made in USA

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