Siân Richards

Siân Richards is a single mama and career girl too. She is one of the top female makeup artists working in movies and certainly has earned that accolade. She is a Brit and second generation makeup artist with a wealth of experience and a refined skill set. These attributes lead to her winning 2013 Critics Choice Makeup Award for her various makeups on Halle Berry in Cloud Atlas. In 2015 she was Emmy nominated for transforming Queen Latifah into Bessie (Smith). She is a department head makeup artist and personal artist to Mr Chadwick Boseman; Message From The KingBlack PantherAvengers: Infinity War and Endgame.

“We are a global makeup community and must support one another. Aim to be conscious and diverse to enhance the makeup community and help each other evolve. Be adaptable and able to service any ethnicity and appreciate global cultures ”
(Siân Richards)

Siân Richards is a global educator and mentor. She travels the world inspiring and guiding the next generation of makeup artists, opening their eyes,  and guiding them to excel in her Masterclasses. She also provides free makeup tips via her You Tube Channel.
As an independent brand owner, she is always creating new formulations and cutting edge cosmetics. Her passion for anything she does is absolutely evident.

Who We Are

Siân Richards London is a self funded Indie Beauty Brand and as such, we are conscious and forward thinking. All our products are hand made by artisans and local businesses domestically in the USA and Canada. SRL makes a sincere effort to enhance this planet and take strides to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. Every product we make is created with performance and longevity in mind.

Brand Back Story

Siân Richards London was launched under the name London Brush Company in 2009. Siân was preparing for a movie in Los Angeles and needed some new makeup brushes – but she couldn’t find one good quality makeup brush! She immediately saw a gap in the market and decided to make her own! She went to a brush maker in England and after months of planning and testing, created her signature Classic natural hair brush collection. They sold out on launch and the rest is history.

Siân creates original products and formulations. In 2010 she came up with the Original Brush Shampoo, a Solid Brush Soap with a Goat Milk base and later the Vegan Young Coconut Milk based formula. This simple and safe cleaning solution became a global best seller, is ocean friendly and the benchmark for the new way to deep clean makeup brushes.

When Sian created the Vegan-friendly Nouveau Collection in 2010, she made her vegan makeup brushes so soft and beautiful that they look and feel like natural hair! People were astonished and  finally vegan beauty lovers and makeup artists had the same quality as their non vegan counterparts. Subsequently she created a vegan artist paint and testure collection called Innovation in 2015.

As time has moved on and we have moved into cosmetics, and the brand is now Siân Richards London – a conscious cosmetic brand using the best raw materials, innovation, fabrics and natural scents that we can find. We innovate, then create products that are cutting edge and which work. Being unique is our way and we thrive on the challenge.

Thanks for joining us and may the Force be with you – ALWAYS.

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