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Siân Richards Makeup Artist

Siân Richards is a force of nature,  single mother and  career girl too. She is a Brit and second generation Makeup Artist with a wealth of experience, knowledge and drive leading to her winning 2013 Critics Choice Makeup Award for her work on Halle Berry in Cloud Atlas. In 2015 she was Emmy nominated for transforming Queen Latifah into Bessie Smith, Queen of The Blues. She is makeup artist to Chadwick Boseman; Message From The King, Marvel Studios’ Global Blockbuster Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War.

“I believe that we are a global makeup community and that we have to support one another. We have to be conscious and caring to enhance that community and evolve together.”
(Siân Richards)

Siân Richards Teaching Makeup

As an educator and mentor, she travels the world inspiring and guiding the next generation of makeup artists helping reach the highest levels and to never settle for mediocrity and she gifts free education via her Makeup Mentor Channel. As a brand owner, Siân never settles. She listens to her customers and incorporates their suggestions into new products. It is personal for her and like every true entrepreneur, her passion is evident.


We are an Indie Beauty Company and as such, we are conscious and caring. All our products are hand made by artisans and local business in the USA, Canada and EU. We make a conscious effort to enhance this planet and give back to the community.

Our History

Siân Richards London was launched under the name London Brush Company in 2009. Siân was preparing for a movie in Los Angeles and was astonished to find that in the movie making mecca of the world, she couldn’t find one good quality makeup brush! An idea formed there and then, and she decided to design to create a brand of quality brushes – because she knows that quality tools enable quality work! She went to an old brush maker in England and created her signature Classic natural hair brush collection. They sold out on launch and the rest is history.

Siân creates original products and formulations. In 2010 she came up with the Original Brush Shampoo, a Solid Brush Soap with a Goat Milk base and later the Vegan Young Coconut Milk based formula. This simple and safe cleaning solution became a global best seller, is ocean friendly and the benchmark for the new way to deep clean makeup brushes.

When Sian created the  Vegan-friendly NouVeau Collection in 2010, she took a product that had only been mediocre before and elevated it to excellence and in doing so, finally gave vegan beauty lovers the same quality as their non vegan counterparts. Subsequently she created a vegan artist tribute collection called InnoVation in 2015.

As time moved on and we dipped our toes into pro driven cosmetics, we have evolved the brand to Siân Richards London – a conscious beauty and lifestyle brand using the best raw materials, innovation, fabrics and natural scents that we can find.

Thanks for joining us and may the Force be with you – ALWAYS.

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