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Siân Richards London provides a personalized service for all media production needs in Theatre, Film, Television, Commercials, Stills, and Editorial.

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  • Order Date
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Please place all your production orders via this email [email protected]

NB: We do not allow pro discount to be utilized for production orders.

Production Gifting

We at SRL are frequently asked to send free products to television and film productions and also awards gifting suites. In a nutshell, we do not do this. This is what Siân has to say on this matter:

“We do not gift free products, whether directly to a makeup department or indirectly to an actor for a film or television production or a gifting suite. By doing so, this negatively affects the amount of the budget producers provide their department heads to work within as they incorrectly think that the budget they generated has been enough to sustain the show.  It is up to a department head to make the budget work, or to speak with their producer and explain why they need more funding to complete the show.

I give personal discount to all Makeup Professionals for their personal purchases, this can not be applied to a production budget.  We want productions to support their makeup teams in the correct way, and so Makeup Department Heads must learn to talk openly and without fear to their producers to garner the support they need”.

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