Studio Services

Production Orders

Siân Richards London provides personalized Studio Services for all media production needs in Film, Television, Commercials, Theatre, Stills, and Editorial Shoots.

Ordering is via this email:
[email protected]

Once we get an email with the items you need, we will create an order and email it either to you or to the production accountant to make payment. Once this is done, we will ship directly to your production office or location.



     Please include this information in your email along with your product list.

  • Production Name
  • Production Company Name
  • Production Office Address
  • PO Number
  • Order Date
  • Type of Shipping: priority, ground etc
  • If there is a ‘need-by’ date
  • Your Name
  • Your Phone Number
  • Accounts Payable Contact Name
  • Accounts Payable contact Number

NB: As production orders are paid for by production, we do not allow pro discount.

Production Gifting

We at Siân Richards London are frequently asked to send free products to television and film productions and also awards gifting suites. We do not do this. This is what Siân has to say on this matter:

“We do not gift free products, whether directly to a makeup department or indirectly to an actor for a film. or television production, or a gifting suite. This has a negative impact on budgets over time as producers get a false idea of cost of materials.  Whilst we understand budgetary challenges sometimes happen, Makeup Department Heads need to discuss shortfalls with their producers to enable an appropriate budget.”

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