Siân Richards London provides personalized Studio Services for all media production needs in Film, Television, Commercials, Theatre, Stills, and Editorial Shoots.
There are two options
Either order via email for a personal service HERE

2: Place your production order as usual using the production P.Card.
If you choose Option 1, once you email us your list, we will create an order for you and email it either to you or to the production accountant to make payment. Once payment clears, we will ship directly to your production office or location.

For All Production Related Orders Via Email Please Provide This Info:
Production Name | Production Company Name | Production Office/Shipping Address | PO Number | Type of Shipping; priority/ground/expedited | If there’s a ‘Need-By’ date | Your Name | Your Phone Number | Accounts Contact Name | Accounts Contact Number.

Production Gifting and Discounts
All production orders are done at full msrp value. We are frequently asked to send free products to productions and also awards gifting suites, but please understand that this is not within our wheelhouse.
Production Gifting – Understand Why We Don’t Support It
We don’t support production gifting because all productions are are fully funded businesses. We understand that department heads sometimes have budgetary challenges, however by receiving free or discounted products, this gives producers an inaccurate idea of what it costs to run a show which negatively impacts future budgets too.
As an indie cosmetic brand, we do not have the capacity that large brands have to gift products and we rely on the support of our artist community to purchase products from us for productions in order to help our business thrive. Thank you for understanding.