We offer a full private label service to clients, whether it is creating unique products for you, or private labelling some of our existing line; We co-brand too!

In a Nutshell
Research and Development One Time Fees:

Brush Shampoo: each scent: 3 Passes – $250
Custom Brushes: up to 7 brushes: 3 Passes – $1000
Private Label Brushes: up to 3 brushes: 2 passes – $500
Alco Palettes: per palette: 6 colours, 3 passes $1600, $250 for each colour pass thereafter.

Other Start Up Fees and Volumes:
Brushes and Brush Sets have a one time plate set up fee for each stamp needed- $180 
Orders of single brush styles with stock paint colours have a 500 minimum per sku
Custom Paint increases volume of single brushes to 1000 per sku
Orders of Brush Sets have a 100 minimum
Orders of Brush Shampoo have a 500 piece minimum per sku

Additional Costs
You will need to provide labels and packaging, or we can do it for you. Costs calculated at time of order. You will need to provide artwork.
All shipping costs – you can use your own carrier account or ours; it’s flexible and up to you!
Remember that single brushes will automatically come in a vinyl pouch; if you want differently, please provide us with that.

What you need to know
We will not replicate our signature Classic brush shapes or collections; We will create an original piece for you. We do not private label Hydroproof, Schmix or 4K Wet.

Are You A School?
We offer a fully customized service for all schools, whether you need a bespoke set of brushes made, or if you need palettes for kits. We can work with you. Let our products elevate your students and help them succeed. We can also work with you on orders from our existing inventory; check our School Supplies Programme. All branding will be Siân Richards London or Siân Richards London for (Your School).

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