About Us

Siân Richards London is a skinclusive indie beauty brand with strong ethics and cutting edge formulas. We are founded by award winning, movie makeup artist Siân Richards and we create cosmetics and tools in the USA and Canada, road testing them rigorously on movies before we release them. Our Colour range  reflects global beauty and with original formulations and a powder free, longwear concept, SRL™ is a cult beauty brand for all ages.

SRL™ does not test on animals, makes sure that all materials are ethically and sustainably harvested and kind to land and sea. We maintain high levels of longevity through packaging reusability, and promote a capsule collection of intermixable, multi functional cosmetics, skin stuff and tools. Our manufacturing is in the USA and Canada, preferring to monitor quality and maintain brand integrity in doing so with our hands on approach.

Back Story

Back in 2009 and with a 13 year old son and 16 month old daughter, Siân was embarking on a new movie as personal for a big movie star. As she lives in Los Angeles, she went looking to purchase new natural hair makeup brushes for her client but was surprised that the movie capital of the world was so poorly stocked with quality merch like she’d known in England. A few months later she crossed The Pond and met with a brush maker somewhere Up North, created 11 sable makeup brushes and made 25 of each. She named her company London Brush Company. When she launched them at a makeup show, she sold out in 2 hours. From there she made squirrel hair, then vegan brushes and moved on to create the original Pure Goat Milk Solid Brush Shampoo which changed the way people cleaned their makeup brushes.

A few years later, she moved into the world of colour cosmetics and rebranded to Siân Richards London. As the personal makeup artist to the star of Marvel Studios’ Black Panther and having previously worked on the faces of some of Hollywood’s most recognizable actors of colour, Siân knew how challenging finding the right tones for deeper melanin was. She created Essence Hydroproof (a self setting, longwear, waterproof cream makeup palette) for her Black Panther Star and later Melanin for super deep skin. These two palettes changed the industry again and have enabled thousands of beautiful richly melanated humans the chance to feel seen and loved by someone in cosmetics. Siân is known for her ability to see pigments and make ‘living’ colour whether for the palest of complections to the colours of life.

Siân Richards London is a celebration of life, beauty and excellence.