Siân Richards Makeup ArtistSRL™ provides School Supplies for makeup courses. We offer multiple options at 35% discount for your school when you order from our inventory, or can make custom palettes created especially for your school. Take a look and see what fits you best.

SRL can create custom palettes based on minimum order volumes of 100 pieces of each palette with a higher discount. We offer Alco Colour, Lipwear and Hydroproof and can combine various colours from each of current inventory in single formula palettes. We also offer you the option to create custom colours and this is done through private label ordering. Any school ordering custom colours will sign an NDA agreement prior to any work done.

Packaging Options
You can provide us with your own choice of packaging, or we can use our 10 or 6 well standard clear palettes.
All labels can be made for you and there are two choices for label ordering:
1: We provide you with label dimensions and you provide the artwork and get the labels printed.
2: We do it all for you in full service; please note that there is a fee for this option and let us know if you want lid and base labels or just one variant.

Pricing will be provided upon order.

We offer Palettes, Debut Pro Sets and Brush Shampoo for kits all year round. Just create an account and send us an email!

  • Create a User account here
  • Include all school info including website, phone number, email and responsible person.
  • Email us here in order that we can confirm account registration and check out your school.
  • Once you are approved and registered, you will receive 35% discount on your orders. In order to receive full discount we require minimum bi-annual orders of $900 or £750.
  • You can place your school order via your user account paying with credit card, or if you need a more curated service, you can email us directly and we can send you a payment link.
  • Curated Services incur a small admin fee.

All schools ordering from Siân Richards London have first option to invite Siân to host a Masterclass at their school. Fees to be negotiated.