Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we ship globally from two locations. For Australasia, Canada and Latin America we ship from USA. For Europe, African Nations, Middle East we ship from UK. We Got You!!
We provide a 30% pro discount for influencers with over 100,000 followers. As we prefer unbiased reviews we tend to prefer some sort of commitment of integrity from those we collaborate with. We recognize the achievement and work it takes to gain a following of such numbers and welcome a collaboration as such.
Please provide us with your order number and correct email address. Usually a typo has caused this to happen when entering your email address at time of order, and we can easily rectify this and get you back on track. You can also go to Track My Order to double check first.
Please refer to our Terms and Conditions regarding Returned Goods and Refunds.
SRL™ does not gift free items to tv or film productions where a makeup budget is provided to purchase goods. As our founder is a seasoned makeup department head, she is aware that providing free items negatively affects future budgets. Producers end up having no idea the actual costs it takes to run a show if items are given instead of purchased. We offer studio services which is a personalised service for production purchases.
We do not provide products for gifting suites.