Production Gifting – Understand Why We Don’t Support It
We do not gift freebies to movies or tv shows because they are fully funded businesses. We understand that department heads have budgetary challenges, however by receiving free or discounted products, this give producers an inaccurate idea of what it costs to run a show. As an indie cosmetic brand, we do not have the capacity that large brands have to gift products and rely on the support of our artist community to purchase products for productions.

If you are shopping for your production, we offer a personalized service for you and can provide your accounts department with all the necessary invoices for the paper trail. Production orders can be placed online and we ensure your order is managed expeditiously to get it to your door. We ship globally from the USA. Many department heads choose to support us in this way and we make sure they are well taken care of. By shopping with us online you guarantee the widest selection of options from our inventory.
For all production purchases, we offer SRL™ Studio Services. Check Here

We love gifting if there is a give and take situation and your celebrity or actor will post to their instagram account with our product in their hand to give us some social media love back in return, otherwise,we do not send out products.

We do not work with gifting lounges or gifting suites.

We do not accept returns for any items.

We offer bonafide Influencers with a proven track record a 30% discount on products. We prefer unbiased reviews and feel that by gifting items, a review might be affected by that trade.

Please provide us with your order number and your email address. Often this situation occurs when an email address is not entered correctly and is an easy fix for us. Email us.

Please track your packageOnce your order leaves our warehouse, it is in the hands of the carrier and we must follow their guidelines on packages that may be lost in transit. It rarely happens, but w ask for your patience as we will do all we can to help.