New For 2019!!! Coraline 4K Lipwear Has Arrived!

New For 2019!!! Coraline 4K Lipwear Has Arrived!


With our tagline  ‘Uniting Beauty Across The World’ it is exactly what we are determined to do through all our stunning colours.

We just launched them at Los Angeles Imats and they sold like hotcakes. Now you can have them too!

Coraline 4K Lipwear

This stunning palette is pure eye candy. One of the most important colour families are those of the Coral derivative. Rich golden based tones will lift any complection from the fairest to the deepest and are a very beneficial collection to possess.

Coraline has been designed to be used on lip, cheeks and eyes to pop any makeup design. Formulas are varied with a soft shimmer, a sheer and more regular creamy textures filling those wells. Each well holds a 10ml/10g pour which is the equivalent of 2.5 lipsticks. Teh formulas are gentle and versatile. We reduced the amount of grease and replaced with delectable Argan Oil so lips get a treatment whilst wearing as a lipstick, as a cheek, Argan helps create a more translucent natural finish and as a cream eye, take the pigment from nearly there to Yes Im Here!

Priced at $98 the value for the quality is unbelievable. 25 lipsticks for under $100. It’s a win win all the way to your makeup bag.