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Siân Richards London is a conscious cult cosmetic brand created by award winning movie makeup artist Siân Richards. She creates 21st Century makeup, is eco-conscious and forward thinking. She is an indie beauty brand, doesn’t compromise on quality, produces everything domestically and always delivers unique and premium formulations. SRL™ is your Best Kept Secret!

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Meet Siân

Siân is a force of nature, a single mother and a career girl too. She is a Brit and an award-winning, second generation Makeup Artist. Read more..

Designed By A Brit · Made By Hand · Loved By All

21st Century Makeup!

Siân takes cosmetics into the 21st Century. She believes in powderless beauty that is longwear and pigment rich. She creates colours for every skin tone and every product can work with a different SRL formula! Brilliant!! Capsule Cosmetics that are Silicone, Creme or Vinyl buildable paints.  Makeup Pros use em all the time.

Exclusive Makeup Brush Sets

Looking for gifts? Look no further. Great brushes create great makeup. Whether you are a newbie, a passionista or a pro, SRL™ has something for you and you get a Gift With Purchase for every premium set!

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Makeup Brush Sets

Makeup Brushes (formerly London Brush Co)

Our Makeup and Fine Art Brushes are unique and covetable. Our manufacturers are in the USA and are true artisans who share our Conscious Beauty Vision.. We produce our brushes with pride and love  and it directly comes back to you in elevated quality and longevity. See all Brushes

Be Covid Conscious – Naturally!

Siân created her Ocean and Eco Friendly Original Pure Goatmilk Brush Shampoo and later Vegan Brush Shampoo a decade ago because she wanted an alternative and safe way to clean and restore her brushes. It’s still the Number One, and more importantly, we now know that washing your brushes and hands is the best way to prevent Covid19 migration. When you wash your brushes in Brush Shampoo, you deep clean and condition safely and you help to protect them against bacteria and viruses too!

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