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Siân Richards London is a conscious skinclusive cosmetics brand created by award winning movie makeup artist Siân Richards. She creates 22nd Century makeup that is eco-friendly and ethically made.  SRL™ is your Best Kept Secret! Capsule cosmetics are the new less is more.

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Hydroproof Foundation

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Love Our Lipwear!

Lip and Cheek Makeup

Multi Dimensional Lip and Cheeks pigments from sheer to opaque. Long lasting, moisturizing suitable for all skin tones. Get Lipwear

Uniting Beauty Across The World

22nd Century Makeup!

Siân takes colour cosmetics into the 22ndCentury. She believes in skinclusive powderless beauty that is longwear and pigment rich.
All formulas are unique, for all skin types and long lasting.  Get Colour

4K Hydroproof Airtight

Multi Functional Skin Stuff

Multi Functional Skincare is 22nd Century. SRL™ Skin Stuff act as mixers, primers and moisturizers, mixing flawlessly with our colours whilst caring for your skin. Get SkinStuff

Multi Functional Skincare

Makeup Brushes To Die For

SRL™ makeup brushes are an addiction. Own them and obsess. Hand made works of art to hold whilst you create art on your face. Our Brush Sets are exclusively online and ‘sex on bristles’ – so said a fan. We make ’em in the USA too!

Brush Shampoo Eco Safe Wash

Clean your brushes and sponges safely! When you get gorge brushes, you take care of them – they are now your babies. Just like a baby, wash them with a gentle chemical free soap –  Brush Shampoo! We make the OG formula of Goat Milk for Natural Hair, and also the OG Vegan formula for Vegan and Synthetics. Ocean Friendly, Ethically Sourced Materials, Not Tested On Animals or Babies and Made In USA. Get Brush Shampoo

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