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UVC+Ozone Sterilizing  is a portable Class 2 grade UVC and UVA sterilizing device. It’s light weight, can fit in your bag and safely protects your makeup, brushes and kit against bacteria, fungus and virus in 10-15 seconds and keeps safety mobile.

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UVC+Ozone Wand  is a hand sized sterilizing device for your cosmetics and tools. It is light weight, can fit in your bag and you will be able to sanitize your makeup kit, bag and brushes in 15 seconds and protect against viruses and bacteria. UVC+Ozone Wand has an auto gravity sensor, so it shuts off when in the wrong angle. This means 100% safety for you.
Each UVC+Ozone Wand has 3 led sterilizing points and once activated kills 99.9% bacteria and virus guaranteed. And it’s easy to use, just press the button, and hold at a distance of 3-5cm above whatever you want to sanitize and pass the UV Wand Sterilizer over it for around 10-15 seconds at a time.

It’s USB chargeable and can plug into any computer, battery charger or power point to keep fully charged. It has tempered glass casing and the led lights have a quartz glass cover which means you can clean easily.

SRL advises that you use the wand for products only.  In order to keep your skin sanitized, we recommend using our FDA approved 4K Handfull hand sanitizer gel.

Extra Help on Clean Kit protocols

UVC and UVA are a contribution to achieving a sterilized effect. For the best results, we advise a layered approach to cleaning and sterilizing.

  • Brushes: Wash brushes thoroughly in hot water using SRL Brush Shampoo. Wash all parts of your makeup brush as washing in hot water thoroughly kills viruses. Leave Brushes to dry in a covered area allowing air to circulate. When they are dry, apply the UVC+Ozone Wand Sterilizer and store safely. NB: Natural Makeup Brushes dry faster than Vegan Brushes, so make sure to dry your vegan brushes in a secure clean environment.
  • Palettes and compacts: Spray all plastic areas with IPA and wipe off. Repeat if necessary.  Remove a fine layer of any cream product in order to achieve best results. Once done, use the Wand all over, then close the lid and store in a ziplock. Remember to clean cosmetics after use each time before storing.
  • Brush Organizers: After use, throw in the washing machine and wash as normal. After tumble dried, iron flat and use the Wand all over on both sides. Only insert clean and sterile brushes. Roll Organizer up and store entirely in a lidded box or a large ziplock bag.
  • Any Other Tools: Plastic or metal tools must be cleaned with with IPA thoroughly and brushed with a soft brush if textured, or wiped off if smooth. Then washed thoroughly is hot water and soap with the same dexterity and dried. Then use Wand Sterilizer as before and repeat. Store immediately in a clean lidded container.

Here is some technical stuff you should know:

UV Status        Dual Band UVC 275nm + UVA 395nm
Voltage is        5W
Light is             LED
Button Light    In use button light is blue, when charging, it is red and green when fully charged
Battery Type   Lithium Rechargeable
CE Certified    
Size                  128x31x10.3mm
Weight             42g
Charge Time   3 hours
Use Time         3-5 hours continuous
Shut Off           At 3 minutes

CE Approved




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