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Brush Covers keep your dirty brushes from messing up your makeup bag after use and before you clean them. Sometimes it is not possible to clean your brushes immediately and this is a simple effective way to stop makeup  transfer from happening.



Brush Covers are a simple fix when you have makeup on your brushes but want to stop makeup transfer.

Many professional makeup artists have situations where they create individual sets of brushes for each of their clients. Brush Covers make it easy to stop things getting messy, they prevent makeup from transferring to other brushes and they also keep your makeup bag clean too.

Sometimes you are in a hurry and you do not have the time to wash your personal brushes with our fabulous Brush Shampoo once you have finished with them; no problem, just pop on a Brush Cover and you are good to go. They are particularly helpful when you are working with cream, oil or water based makeup as this is the stuff that really gets messy.

It’s a really simple protocol. Apply your makeup to yourself or your client, wipe off the brush, place it in a Brush Cover and repeat the process for retouches until you wash your brushes.

Handy Tip
For best results, wipe off excess makeup first, then slide the cover over the brush. Brush Covers are reusable; when you have finished with them for the day, clean them out with Iso Propyl Alcohol and a Q-Tip.


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