SRL™ Brush Shampoo


SRL™ Brush Shampoo is the Original. It deep cleanses your brushes, take stains out and preserves their hair too!

Premium Ingredients make this a must have product for these reasons:

    • Eco/Ocean Friendly and Biodegradable
    • Protect against Bacteria and Viruses
    • Chemical free
    • Safe for kids
    • Travel Safe

Gift With Purchase: Friction Pad when ordering any 6oz or 2 x 2oz



SRL™ Brush Shampoo is a solid shampoo, specifically designed to clean and condition your makeup brushes. We added Tea Tree Oil into our formula for additional anti-bacterial elements. Our Brush Shampoo is totally eco friendly and bio degradable and comes in two sizes. The Palm Oil we use is certified Organic and Sustainable – meaning no Orangutans’ habitats were harmed to create Brush Shampoo.

Did you know you can also use Brush Shampoo to wash your makeup sponges? Just follow the same steps to wash sponges as brushes!

Handy Tip!
We created two different formulations for SRL™ Brush Shampoo to optimize your brush cleaning experience. Goatmilk Formula is for Natural Hair Brushes because it’s a natural emollient which means it deep cleanses and conditions natural hair without leaving a greasy residue. Our Vegan formula was created to clean vegan and synthetic brushes using Young Coconut Milk because it’s less conditioning and synthetics don’t need conditioning any way!.

SRL Brush Shampoo 6oz

Have you tried our 6oz Pro size yet?

Gift With Purchase!!! order 2 or more 2oz, or a 6oz SRL™ Brush Shampoo and get a free Friction Pad

Goat Milk, Certified Organic and Ethical Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Water, Tea Tree Extract, Lemon Zest Essential Oil, or English Lavender Essential Oil, or No Essential Oil
Young Coconut Milk, Ethically Harvested Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Water, Tea Tree Extract, English Lavender Essential Oil, or Clary Sage Essential Oil, or No Essential Oil.

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