Yoda Makeup Kits

Yoda Makeup Kits are exclusively curated by UK Makeup Designer David Horne using Siân Richards London products.

David has a wealth of knowledge and is a force to be reckoned with. As a creative, his colour sense and experience in the industry, both retail and direct, give him a keen edge on his contemporaries. He is a celebrated educator, and his unique way of seeing and explaining gives him a special ability that makes learning enjoyable and easy.

We have two choices of David’s top essential picks. The Mixology Kit is a trio of primers, mixers and mattifyers. The Starter Kit is a 13 piece capsule makeup starter kit containing everything you need to get your makeup world going. With over 50 colours, mixers, primers, 19 piece makeup brush set and care products, this makeup starter kit is the one stop shop to your artistic excellence and growth.

David is a published makeup designer; buy his book The Art Of Male Makeup here
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