SRL Pro Programme

Welcome to the SRL Pro Programme

As you know Siân Richards London is a Pro Driven Indie Beauty Brand and I road test all my products on set whilst I film. This stringent approach to knowing how products perform is like no other brand and ensures that your purchase affords you the best products in the business.

We have given the pro arena a nip and tuck and now works in different ways, not only with a pro discount. All I ask for is a small annual membership fee ($20-30/yr) and in return, your opportunities will blossom!

SRL Industry Membership Programme

We offer two levels of Pro Membership. To working makeup artists with  5 years or more industry experience, we are delighted to offer you a 30% discount off all purchases and for all Students and Newbies with under 5 years of experience, we enjoy offering the next generation a 20% discount. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for Rules of Membership. How To Sign Up For Pro: Create a User/Customer Account. Once you sign up you will receive a welcome email prompting you to complete the sign up. Membership fees are subscription based at $30 a year for Full Pro Membership and $20 for Newbies.

Affiliate Programme – Available to Full Pro Members
I know you guys shout out about SRL products and refer people all the time, and so now, as a paid member, you will be able to stack up store credit for that loyalty. Every time a referral of yours makes a purchase, you will get a 10% commission of their total product purchase which is safely stored in your account. You will be surprised how quickly that mounts up and how soon you will be paying zero for some of your purchases!

Private Sale Parties for Approved Elite Pros – Available to Select Full Pro Members
I am creating an opportunity for those of you who want to make some extra income. As you know, when a real pro demonstrates a product, others immediately want to own it. With that in mind, I am creating the opportunity for select members to have Private Sales Parties. We will furnish you with inventory at no cost to you, you host a party of no less than 10 guests, we enable you to take payments and we send you 10% commission of your total sales for that event. Enquire Here

Influencer Affiliate Program
I now work with influencers. If you have over 150,000 followers, then I know you are serious about what you do and also recognize the work you have done to create your situation. I have never given product away for review, as I have always maintained that I want unbiased reviews and feel that when you invest in a product, your review is more powerful. I now offer influencers 30% pro discount and commission on sales for anyone I partner with.

So welcome to Pro and enjoy all the perks that go with it!

NB: Pro discount applies to individuals only. You will be in violation or your Pro Terms and Conditions should you use your discount to purchase for work or a production. If you work for an institution and wish to have them order, please contact us via wholesale. View Industry Membership Terms and Conditions


Enjoy it All


Please use your full legal name to register.

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