Join the SRL™ Pro Tribe Membership Program.

Membership Tiers
There are two Pro Tribe Tiers for artists and students. Makeup artists with 5 years or more industry experience, receive a 30% discount, Students and Newbies with under 5 years of experience get a 20% discount.

How To Sign Up To Join Pro Tribe
Create an Account and then apply for pro, once you sign up you will receive a welcome email prompting you to complete the sign up by subscribing. Membership fees are $30 a year subscription for Pro Membership and $20 for Newbies. Once you have subscribed, you will be a member of SRL™ Pro Discount and will receive discount on full priced products at checkout.

Benefits: Pros get benefits, see what else you get with your membership

Affiliate Program
As a Pro Tribe member, you can earn store credit for your loyalty. Every time a referral of yours makes a purchase, you will get a 10% commission of their total product purchase which gets stored in your account as store credit. When you go shopping at SRL, use your credits and discount combined and save even more.

Pro Tribe Parties
Select members – Tribal Elders – can now host Private Sales Parties of SRL cosmetics. When you are not working, it’s a great way to make some extra money! We ship you inventory at no cost to you, you host a party of no less than 20 ticketed guests, we enable you to take payments over a phone app and we send you 15% commission of your total sales for that event. Subject to approval. Enquire Here

Influencer Affiliate Program
If you have over 50,000 followers, SRL™ now offers you 30% pro discount and commission on sales for any partners. We do not give free products for review; we only want authentic reviews that come from the heart, so all products must be purchased in order to participate.

Production Gifting
We do not gift freebies to movies or tv shows. We offer Studio Services should you wish to place a production order. Please remember that movie and TV productions can afford to pay full price, and by not doing so, eventually get a false sense of the cost of things. For all production purchases, we offer SRL™ Studio Services. Check Here

So welcome to SRL™ Pro Tribe and enjoy all the perks that go with it!

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