Join the SRL™ Pro Tribe Membership Program.

Membership Tiers
There are two Pro Tribe Tiers for artists and students. Makeup artists with 5 years or more industry experience, receive a 30% discount, Students and Newbies with under 5 years of experience get a 20% discount.

How To Sign Up To Join The Pro Tribe
Create an Account and then apply for pro, once you sign up you will receive a welcome email prompting you to complete the sign up by subscribing. Membership fees are $30 a year subscription for Pro Membership and $20 for Newbies. Once you have subscribed, you will be a member of SRL™ Pro Discount and will receive discount on full priced products at checkout.

Production Gifting – Understand The Why Factor
We do not gift freebies to movies or tv shows. We offer Studio Services should you wish to place a production order. Please remember that movie and TV productions can afford to pay full price, and by not doing so, eventually get a false sense of the cost of things. For all production purchases, we offer SRL™ Studio Services. Check Here

So welcome to SRL™ Pro Tribe and enjoy all the perks that go with it!

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