Makeup Brush Organizer


Made from Luxury Imported Japanese Cotton

  • Limited Editions
  • Hand crafted in USA
  • Washable at 30 – 40?C


Did you know that storing your makeup brushes in a Makeup Brush Organizer is the best way to keep them safe? SRL created these gorgeous hand made Japanese cotton padded brush rolls to protect your magic wands in the best way. Because our Makeup Brush Organizer is made from washable and breathable 100% cotton, it means that your makeup brushes are stored in the optimum conditions. Every brush roll is individually hand made in the USA, and is long lasting and reusable for years. This means they are eco friendly and because you can machine wash them they are easy to keep clean and hygienic.

Your makeup brushes will stay their best in a dry oxygenated environment; this is because bacteria do not multiply in aerobic conditions. Si?n chooses each of the gorgeous fabrics for it’s individual beauty, which means you have something unique and special. We make sure that every brush slot is sized differently, so you can fit single or multiple brushes in easily. Having a fabric Makeup Brush Organizer means that unlike a vinyl brush roll, the casing does not stick to your brushes when it gets hot; brushes pop out and go back in easily.


Handy Tip:
If you want maximum perfection in storage, don’t forget to nestle each brush in our Brush Cocoons when your brushes are clean and dry. If you don’t have a chance to wash your brushes before transporting them, then using our Brush Covers will stop makeup from going on your Brush Organizer.



  • Large Brush Organizer has 15 brush slots and can hold up to 30 or more brushes
  • Medium Brush Organizer has 9 brush slots and can hold up to 20 brushes
  • Large Brush Roll measures 20″W x 20″L
  • Medium Brush Roll measures 12″W x 20″L



(Brushes not included.)


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