Beard Brush – Pure Boar Bristle


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Our Blokes Beard Brush is soft yet will control even the wiliest of whiskers.

Beards need to be cared for in the same way we care for the hair on our head.  Although beards are a beautiful thing, unless we take really good care of them, certain not so pleasant side effects can happen such as dry flaky skin under the hair as well as food particle and dust getting cuaght up in those whiskers.  The right type of bristle will make all the difference and traditionally, these types of brushes have always been made with boar bristle. Boar Bristle is strong with a soft spring which makes it perfect for grooming stubborn whiskers, and natural fibres in grooming brushes help hair to shine and reduce any chance of static too. Regular grooming keeps dust and fluff at bay and also stimulates the skin underneath so promoting circulation and healthier skin.

Packaged in a convenient tin to keep it dust free, this brush is travel friendly and its oak handle is smooth and fits the hand perfectly. These days it’s not just about having a beard, it’s about having a great beard and caring for it.

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