Angled Mini Mascara Fan #6A


Angled Mini Fan #6A is a razor edged bent unique fan. It is great for applying dynamic mascara and for opening up the eyes. It’s really good for graphic shadow liner for under the eye too.

Hair Type: Pure European Sable
Dimensions: 9mm (widest point of fan) x 7mm x 5mm
Application: Mascara
Cruelty-free manufacturing
100% renewable resources
100%? Made in USA

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Angled Mini Mascara Fan takes your mascara application to the pro level. This brush will make you get used to it so quickly, you’ll never want to use a mascara wand again. It’s a cleaner and way more controlled alternative, especially used by professional makeup artists, in order to keep their transfer hygiene in check. Or flip this brush over and use with powder or gel to give a razor straight underline to eyes.

Hair Type: Pure European Sable
Collection: Classic
Dimensions: 11.5mm x 9mm
Application: Concealer, Cream Eyeshadow
Cruelty-free manufacturing ✓
100% renewable resources ✓
100% Made in USA ✓


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