4K Longwear Creme Refill Singles


4K Longwear Creme Refill Singles are 10g pots of foundation colours. They include all your favourite colours from our 4KLWC Palettes and we also added Jet Black and Titanium White to enable greater mixing and diversity.



4K Longwear Creme Refill Singles are individual pots of creme makeup that you can use as a single foundation, or refill the original palette with.

4K Longwear Creme Refill Singles are 21st Century Makeup and multi functional.

They have so many uses and is perfect for movie, drag, or body makeup and SFX; also fab for fashion and editorial, great for bridal and men’s grooming (covers stubble shadow in a snip), tattoo coverage and scar camouflage.

4K Longwear Creme Refill Singles are all of this:
Waterproof . Humidity Proof . Friction Proof . Self Setting . Buildable . Flexible.
Paraben Free. Vegan Friendly. Celiac Friendly. Peanut Free.

Siân’s Tip:
For best results apply lightly with a soft brush on clean skin as sponges can make application heavy. For a more sheer finish apply on moisturized skin or simply apply neat with a small brush. Used neat and pure it is self setting, long lasting and has all the gorgeous attributes stated above.

We recommend our Best Kept Secret Brushes for beauty makeup and tattoo cover, as they pick up the product beautifully; try our Buff Blender or Clever Contour brushes. For tiny tattoos coverage try our Cute Concealer. If you want to achieve a real skin finish, try our Classic brushes in  Baby Concealer, Baby Blender, Beautiful BlenderIf you want to cover larger areas for foundation, try our Queen Foundation and Soft Oblique Foundation

Use our 4K Cold Cream Cleanser to remove 4K Longwear Creme Refills. Use our Marvellous Moisturizer to sheer and mix for a moist dewy finish, use 4K Longwear Schmix to mix and maintain full hydroproof and longwear functionality and give a silky finish.

Please be environmentally conscious in how you dispose of packaging. Re-Use or Re-Cycle whatever you can.

Weight 10g
Fill 10ml

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