Pro Class Reviews


Antoinette Y: ‘I had been looking at classes to learn the exact skills Siân and Neil decided to offer in this 3 day intensive. And I am so happy I took all 3 days. It was a small intimate class, allowing us to really try things and ask questions. Siân and Neil are amazing, generous and encouraging educators. I never felt like there was a limit on what we could ask. These are skills I’m certain I will use through out my career. It also meant the world to me to work on models and not each other. I really do encourage anyone who is serious about their education to take an intensive with Siân and Neil. Being able to take hands on classes with some one who’s work you love and admire is invaluable in a way I can not express.’


Tami B-N:’It’s never too late to follow your dreams. My experience at Siân Richards London Class with Neil Morrill and Siân Richards, was nothing short of amazing from beginning to end. What an advantage to have hands on training from two such amazing artists, learning their techniques, tricks and products. Starting this 3 day Intensive Class I had absolutely not one ounce of experience in this field. I loved gaining new insights and techniques, and loved the hands on approach, along with feedback and tips. I am excited to get back home and keep practicing all of my new skills and techniques with bald caps, facial hair, bruising, wounds and beatings. If you are thinking of taking this class ~ just do it! It was worth every penny~and I walked away with not only new experiences, new brushes & kit, but with fabulous new friends too’


Krishna B-M: ‘As someone who has only done beauty makeup for the last 12 years, this class was completely illuminating and totally worth it! Not only did we get to watch Siân and Neil do the applications step-by-step, but they told us what products they were using, how they were using them and why. And when we did the hands-on portion, we got as much guidance as we needed from them. It was so great that they had a limit on how many people were in the class because you get a lot of one-on-one time with them. We asked so many basic questions and they never made anyone feel dumb for asking. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better way to learn this much needed skills. I know that I’ll take everything I learned with me throughout my career.’


Jenn L: ‘This class was absolutely incredible! Siân and Neil are fantastic Educators! I am so grateful I took all three days of this very intensive training. I love learning better ways to improve my skills as an artist. Every single day was full of amazing light bulb moments. I absolutely loved the energy, passion and creativity of everyone from models, to attendees, and of course the educators. I am so excited to take the new skills i learned to the next level in my career. Education is so important, so when you are ready to invest in yourself, take these incredible courses! I’m looking forward to the next one!’

  •  Karen A: ‘I highly recommend this Master Class!! Siân’s passion for her Craft is palpable and both she and Neil are Genius! Thank You for a very educational and enjoyable experience! Chicago loves you!!’
  • Petr B: ‘The absolutely fabulous, explosive, larger then life personality in the makeup industry- Sian is truly one of a kind artist and leading lady in movie makeup – lots to learn from her.’