Anti Bacterial Sponge Drying Cloth for Brushes


Anti Bacterial Re-Usable Sponge Drying Clothis an eco friendly way to dry your makeup brushes. It is a soft spongey cloth that efficiently absorbs the water when you press out your brushes after washing. If it gets too wet, just wring it out and keep using! It’s so easy!

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The cloth comes folded and will feel hard. Soften in a little water to open it up, and ring out until touch dry. After washing your brushes with our Brush Shampoo, press out the excess liquid in this cloth. When the cloth becomes too wet, just ring it out. When you have finished cleaning your brushes, rinse under a hot tap, ring out, fold up and leave to dry until it goes hard again. It is this hardening that makes the cloth anti bacterial and the best way to save bacterial transfer.


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