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Pro Reviews make us stand up and pay attention and Siân Richards London makes cosmetics and tools that pros love, which are used on award winning and nominated movie and shows. We are grateful for our global talent. Each one is a shining example of makeup in their chosen field, whether character, editorial, avant-garde or special effects and prosthetics. We are so thankful for our pros and their support.

Makeup Artist Vivian Baker
Featured Artist: Vivian Baker
Located: Los Angeles
Profession: Department Head Makeup, Personal Makeup Artist to Blake Lively, Chris Pratt, Hilary Swank. Mighty Atom.
Awards and Nominations: 2020 Oscar for Bombshell, 2009 Emmy for Grey Gardens

SRL STORY: I have been using Siân Richards London from when she first launched as London Brush Company 7 years ago. The products have always been wonderful and I am thrilled Siân has moved into colour. Your Classic Collection of brushes are without a doubt my favourite and I always have many with me on every job. I will use the same type brush on the face for many different purposes so having 3-5 of the same brush is not too much for me. I also love ALL your new Alco Colour and 4K Longwear Creme Palettes (I have the lot)! No artist should ever be without those reds. EVER!!! I also love the Alco Colour Formula because it is different than any other alcohol colour I have used in the past. They have denser pigment, (which is fantastic), and are a bit more matt, which is important because others can shine like plastic on the skin and yours do not. I love the size of the palette and that you have filled them so generously. But I have to say, that when throwing palettes in my kit, Siân Richards London has been the go to of late, ever since you brought them out. Is there anything you make I do not love? I do not think so. I love that you make products you want that no one else makes. Holes in the fabric so to speak. That’s hard to do with so many brands just making all the same type of stuff who have the love of the market. Siân please stay original! Do not change and keep following your heart in your creativity because you are right!

You can see Vivian’s gorgeous work if you watch Bombshell, Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2, Passengers, Jurassic World, Oz The Great And The Powerful.
Visit Vivian’s Instagram: vivianbaker


Makeup Artist John Blake
Featured Artist: John Blake
Los Angeles/Atlanta
Profession: Department Head Makeup Artist, Personal Makeup Artist to Robert Downey Jnr., Industry Badass.

Awards and Nominations: Oscar Nominated 1993 for Hoffa, OFTA Nominated for Planet Of The Apes (2001), Tropic Thunder (2009), Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 (2017), Saturn Award Nominated for Planet Of The Apes (2001)Emmy Nominated for True Detective (2019)

SRL STORY: I first was aware of Sian Richards when I bumped into her in a parking lot at a makeup store in LA. She told me she was a fan of my work, and boy was she ever because a few days later, as a mark of her respect, she mailed me a few of her Classic brushes. I have never forgotten that moment and still have those brushes years later. I’m a big fan of this woman.. She makes really neat products that work and I have them all. I use the 4K Longwear Creme palettes all the time now (for beauty and special effects) and they have replaced many of my other palettes. I use them for all sorts of things and love the diversity; in these palettes, I believe Siân has taken makeup to the next level – this is the future of makeup. I also own all her Alco Colour Palettes as I needed to move on from what is out there as it needed fresh blood. Siân has brought that in every way. Finally.. have you tried her brushes?? They are amazing! I don’t use anything else I have all her Classic, Cashmere and Innovation collections. Everything she makes is just so exciting. I am her biggest fan! But I already said that!!

You can see John’s brilliant work if you watch these movies Guardians of The Galaxy 2, Captain America: Civil War, Fast and Furious 6, The Avengers, Larry Crowne, Fast Five, Iron Man 2, Year One, Angels and Demons, Tropic Thunder, There Will Be Blood, Hoffa, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, AND more!
Visit John’s Instagram: johnblakeswigs


Makeup Artist Colin Ware
Featured Artist: Colin Ware
Located: Sydney
Profession: Special Makeup Effects Artist, Prosthetic Makeup Artist, Sculptor, Fabricator,Scientist, Digital Effects Artist. Quiet Miracle Worker.
Awards and Nominations: Mad Max Fury Road won Oscar in 2016. Colin was part of that winning team!

SRL STORY: My name is Colin Ware , I’ve been in movie and tv make up fx industry for 30+ years , I’m from Manchester in the North of Britain, now living in Sydney, Australia. Sian Richards London brushes are my default setting, they never let me down. My brush roll is full of them as I always need a quality brushes on a daily basis!!! I like the way they perform and that they always clean up like new, so instead of throwing them away as I used to have to do, I now have brushes that last for years! My brushes get hammered; acrylic and oil paint , all types of make up, solvents and adhesives – I use them for sculpting a lot too, so they get immersed in all types of sculpting materials!

If you were only going to buy one brush today I would always recommend Sian’s beautifully crafted collection;they are a game changer.

You can See Colin’s work if you watch Pirates Of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge, Alien: Covenant, Mad Max:Fury Road, Prometheus, X-Men Origins:Wolverine, Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith, Thor: Ragnarok
Visit Colin’s Instagram: prosthetix

Makeup Artist Thom Floutz
Featured Artist: Thom Floutz
Located: Los Angeles
Profession: Special Makeup Effects Artist, Prosthetic Makeup Artist, Sculptor, Fabricator. Gentle Genius.
Awards and Nominations: Won Emmy 2002 for Six Feet Under (2001), Oscar Nominated 2009 for Hellboy II: The Golden Army, Emmy Nominated 1993: for Queen, 2010: for Grey’s Anatomy (2005),2010: for Nip/Tuck (2003), 2011: for  Grey’s Anatomy, 2018 IATSE Guild Awards Nominated for Foo Fighters: Run music video.

SRL STORY: Siân!!!I wanted to tell you how much I have been enjoying your Alco Colour Palettes!
While I was on Westworld I slowly started to incorporate them into the workflow, substituting them in for colors in the palettes that I usually work from. The colors are rich and vibrant and well-pigmented, and there is a lot of product in the palettes! It feels like you looked at all the palettes on the market and discerned what the issues were with each that could be better, and then made a custom palette that corrected whatever could be better with each- it’s wonderful! I like the way they feel in my hand, the fact the they are clear palettes so I can easily see the color shades, and that they don’t have a strong chemical scent.. AND I like the color choices; I don’t have a favourite as they are all gorgeous and I have them all! Most of them are the same as the oil colors that I paint silicone with (I always start with Alizarin Crimson). They almost feel like collectibles, as much as working pigments- like people will just enjoy owning them for their own sake as much as how they’ll appreciate how well they perform..
I’ve been turning different artists on to them that I work next to in the trailer. Expect some more sales, I’m not the only one who’s impressed with them!

You can see Thom’s work if you watch: Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, The Avengers, I, Tonya (made it to final 7 Oscar nominations 2018), Hellboy 2, Spiderman 3.

Visit Thom’s Instagram:

Makeup Artist Francisco Perez
Featured Artist: Francisco X Perez
Located: Los Angeles
Profession: Department Head Makeup. Nicest Bloke In The Business
Awards and Nominations: Bafta Nominated for Dances With Wolves (1992). Emmy Nominated for All The Way (2016) Emmy Nominated for True Detective (2019) 

SRL Story: I have been using Siân’s brushes since their inception as London Brush Co. I constantly get compliments on their softness. No pricking or scratching my actor’s skin ever. Since I began using them 7 years ago they are my brushes of choice. My favourites are Classic Queen Foundation and Ultra Luxe Blush Blender – I have all her Classic brushes though and they are all perfect. Thank You Siân!

You can see Francisco’s work if you watch: Miles, Geostorm, Fantstic Four, Macfarland USA, 21 Jump Street, Moneyball, Waterworld, Dances With Wolves.

Visit Francisco’s Instagram: franciscoxperez9692

Donald Mowat
Featured Artist: Donald Mowat
Located: Toronto/Los Angeles
Profession: Department Head Makeup Artist, Personal Makeup for Daniel Craig, Ryan Gosling, Jake Gyllenhaal. Master Of His Craft
Awards and Nominations: Won Emmy for Mark Twain and Me (1992). Bafta Nominated for Nocturnal Animals (2017), for Bladerunner 2049 (2018). Hollywood Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Guild Awards Nominated for Prisoners (2015), Nightcrawler (2015), Sicario (2016), Nocturnal Animals (2017), Blade Runner 2049 (2018), Skyfall (2013), Prisoners (2014), Sicario (2016)

SRL STORY: As a pro makeup artist working in film, my work has to be clean and believable. In order to do that I need the right type of products for my kit. Tools are the essential and for many years now, Siân Richards’ brushes have been saving me on my various feature films. In a beauty retail world that seems to create worse and worse quality makeup brushes, I breathed a sigh of relief when I bought my first batch of Siân’s 8 years ago – and I still have them too. I now have most of her entire quota and am so passionate about them that I gift them to all my assistants and trainees too. No shedding or scratching, just superior quality and created by someone who is a top pro herself and who is invested in excellence.

You can see Donald’s work if you watch: Bladerunner 2019, Stronger, Nocturnal Animals, Spectre, Sicario, Nightcrawler, Prisoners, Skyfall, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Cowboys and Aliens, The Fighter, Max Payne, The Departed, The Human Stain, The Italian Job, 8 Mile, Three Kings.

Visit Donald’s Instagram: mowatdonald

Neill Gorton
Featured Artist: Neill Gorton
Located: Falmouth/Cardiff/London
Profession: Makeup Department Head, Prosthetics Designer, Special Effects Makeup Artist, Sculptor, Fabricator, Makeup FX Academy Owner and Educator. Prosthetics Education Trailblazer
Awards and Nominations: Bafta Wins for Doctor Who (2008), Doctor Who (2007), Help (2006), Doctor Who (2006). Bafta Nominated for ,Tracey Ullman’s Show (2017), The Girl (2013), The Catherine Tate Show (2007).  Royal Television Society wins for Tracey Ullman’s Show (2016), Being Human (Pilot) (2008), Help (2005), RTS Nominated for The Fattest Man In Britain (2010), Doctor Who (2006), Doctor Who (2005).

SRL STORY: Siân Richards is not just an innovative artist, she’s also an artist who innovates. Her brushes are hand made, beautifully crafted and deliver incredible performance. They exist to compliment your talent and while we all have a budget to work to when building our kit you should get your priorities straight; When buying brushes it’s better to invest in a quality makeup brush that will last you years and see you through thousands of applications. Cheap brushes fall apart quickly, shed hairs and do a bad job. Why keep repeatedly buying cheap brushes when you could invest in brushes with a long life that will return on that investment many times over; invest in your career by investing in Sian Richards brushes. She sees the bigger picture. When she created her beautiful brushes she also created a brush shampoo to compliment and care for them. When she created makeup palettes she created matching alcohol and creme colours to give makeup artists better tools for their artistry. Siân doesn’t make products she provides artist driven solutions.

She’s an artist I respect in so many ways. In the 20 years I’ve known her and worked side by side with her I have seen, first hand, the level she operates at. She doesn’t just know makeup she’s a scholar of it. I know no one else like her; her eye for colour, her skill in its application, her materials knowledge and even her understanding of areas such as makeup and brush hygiene. Siân studies and analyses our craft and brings that incredible depth and breadth of knowledge to her products.

You can see Neill’s work if you watch Another Mother’s Son, Victor Frankenstein, Ex Machina, The Harry Hill Movie, Chernobyl Diaries, Thor, The Wolfman, Children Of Men, From Hell, Saving Private Ryan, Hellraiser II: Hellbound.

Visit Neill’s Instagram: neillsmaterials

Featured Artist: Lizzie Sharp
Located: Melbourne/Sydney
Profession: Avant Garde Makeup Artist, Editorial Makeup Artist, Body Painter, Beauty Editor, Educator. Pink Bombshell
Awards and Nominations: Australian Beauty Industry Awards won 2017 Makeup Artist of the Year

SRL STORY: Coming from a family of painters, brushes are everything to us. They transcend what we are witnessing, so without the right tool, we can not communicate clearly to our audiences. These days, more than ever before, we are seeing the market being flooded with products that are a very poor quality. If you know your brushes you would know that businesses need years of research, or experience to make a great product and this has never been more paramount than in brush production. It’s easy to spot which brands give a damn and which brands just churn them out all the same shapes and all that shed or fall to pieces just ending up as land fill.

Fortunately for professional artists and enthusiasts alike, we have London Brush ( Siân Richards London), one of the best ranges of makeup and artists brushes in the world. I love the shapes, how they hold paint, how they do not shed and how they never fail me. And I love that they are vegan too! Thanks for making the best brushes in the business – oh yes!! Thanks for the best brush cleaner to clean them too with your amazing Brush Shampoo!! lolol – can’t believe I nearly forgot that bit!

You can see Lizzi’s worhere and on Instagram: lizzisharp

Keith Sayer
Featured Artist: Keith Sayer
Located: Los Angeles
Profession: Personal Makeup Artist to Billy Bob Thornton and Makeup Department Head, Southern Belle.
Awards and Nominations: Emmy Nominated 2014, Outstanding Makeup in a TV Series or Movie for Fargo, 2012, Outstanding Makeup for a Single Camera Series for Mad Men. IATSE Guild Nominated 2015 for Mad Men

SRL STORY: My obsession with Siân Richards London started when she was London Brush Co years ago. It began when I was at a makeup show and Siân was there with her gorgeous collection of brushes – in those days it was just Classic and NouVeau and her brush shampoo.. I bought  all the Classic and NouVeau, and never looked back – still have them to this day more than 6 years later and they are all like new too. Since that time I have bought everything she makes because when I buy brushes, I don’t have to worry that they will shed or her other products will fail me. I have all the cashmere brushes and the Innovation brushes too. Siân’s latest innovations of pocket sized 4K Longwear Creme and Alco Colour Palettes have enabled me to totally redefine my working kit.. Now I carry less products in my kit and have a greater ability to create any beauty, character or fx image. Her stuff is GOOD!! They last all day with minimal touch ups so perfect for me and my clients.

You can see Keith’s work if you watch Bad Santa 2, Our Brand Is Crisis, The Judge, Goliath, The Hangover Part III, Project X.

Visit Keith’s Instagram: keith_sayer

Adam Johansen
Featured Artist: Adam Johansen
Located: Sydney
Profession: Co-Owner of Odd Studios, Prosthetics Designer, Special Effects Makeup Artist,  Prosthetics and Makeup Effects Designer, Cool Surfer Guy.
Awards and Nominations: Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts: Nominated 2016, for Gods Of Egypt, Saturn Award Nominated for Mad Max Fury Road 2016. BAFTA: Won for Mad Max Fury Road 2016, OSCAR: won for Mad Max Fury Road 2016

SRL STORY: London Brushes – now Sian Richards London – have been occupying my brush rolls for several years now. The sizes, shapes and durability make them an invaluable member of my kit. For me and most importantly, the fine brushes hold up really well to the abuse I give them from prosthetic glues and alcohol inks and when you need a product to always deliver, they do.

You can see Adam’s work if you watch Peter Rabbit, Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Alien Convenant, The Odyssey, Gods Of Egypt, Mad Max Fury Road, Where The Wild Things Are, X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Visit Adams’s Instagram: adman855

Liz Pugh
Featured Artist: Liz Pugh
Located: London
Profession: Editorial Makeup Artist, Red Lip Aficionado

SRL STORY: As a makeup artist one thing essential to my kit is my brush collection. I search the world for the best brushes and London Brush (now Sian Richards London)  feature heavily in my collection.  Made by a makeup artist/artist, she knows what we need. It makes application so easy when you have the correct shape of brush, and many others on the market simply do not get it right. The quality of the hair is so important and Siân has sourced the best.  The Japanese Scribes are amazing for fine delicate work and I can’t do without the Super Fine Angled Liner, for the trickiest of angles.

The quality of these brushes are amazing. They are really put to the test being a makeup artist as they are cleaned daily in harsh chemicals and they still feel brand new, I have had so many expensive brushes that just haven’t stood the test of time as the Siân’s do, they never disappoint.  Good brushes are essential, whether you are a makeup artist or not and well worth the investment as they do last a lifetime.

You can see Liz’s work if you scroll through these magazines and front covers: Vogue Magazine> Italia, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, China, India, Rolling Stone, Elle, Harpers Bazaar Australia, Red, In Style, GQ, Arena, Glamour, Grazia, Untitled, Tatler.

Visit Liz’s Instagram: lizpughmakeupartist

Featured Artist: Tricia Sawyer
Located: Los Angeles
Profession: Makeup Department Head, Personal Makeup to Robyn Wright Penn & Jessica Alba. GlamourPuss.
Awards and Nominations: Emmy nominated 2011 for Madmen, IATSE Guild nominated 2015 & 2016 for House Of Cards.

SRL STORY: Siân, I could not be a makeup artist without your gorgeous brushes. Each brush serves a different purpose in makeup application. I Love my Siân Richards/London Brush brushes so much! Her quality and styles are so beautiful. Good brushes are an investment that not only make makeup easier, but outlast careers. I only invest in great brushes! And recently, she brought out colour – Oh Boy!!! I bought them all. Her choice of colours and the way she has put the palettes together are inspiring, the quality of pigment is so stunning that they pop off the palette. Her Lipwear is  a musthave and I not only use on lips, but cheeks and lids too! The Longwear Foundations are a lifesaver and the Alco Colours are pigments I have never seen before and so beautiful. Every time I get them out I feel like I am about to paint a masterpiece!

You can see Tricia’s work if you watch House Of Cards, The Amazing Spiderman, Little Fockers, The Hunger Games, Baby Driver

Visit Tricia’s Instagram: triciasawyer

Ryan Burk

Featured Artist: Ryan Burk
Located:New York City
Profession: Editorial Makeup Artist, Avant-Garde Makeup Artist, Performance Artist. Extraordinarily Creative Club Kid.

SRL STORY: There are a number of Siân’s brushes I am obsessed with and have become essential for my work. For the type of makeup I like to do, the Innovation line makes a lot of my ideas executable. They are gorgeous and the quality is top notch. I keep them all clean and in great condition with the amazing Lavender Vegan Brush Shampoo. I love love love this brush cleaner too! It’s taken care of all my brushes for years and is something I always carry with me.

Visit Ryan’s Instagram: ryburk

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