Yoda Starter Kit


Yoda Starter Kit is a 12 piece edit of essential skinclusive complexion items and tools chosen by UK Makeup Designer David Horne. It’s an easy starter kit for any aspiring makeup artist or enthusiast setting up a Pro Makeup Kit.
Contains: Debut+Bolt On 19 Piece Set, 2oz Vegan Clary Sage Brush Shampoo, Anti Bac Sponge Drying Cloth, Friction Pad, Marvellous Moisturiser, Schmix, Unshine and 5 x 4K Longwear Creme Palettes of 50 colours. NB: Yoda Starter Kit is VAT free.


Boreal is perfect for super fair skin such as Northern European and Skandinavian, Russian or Celtic.



Ether is perfect for Central and Southern European, East Indian and Asian Complections.

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Essence is perfect for West Indian/Caribbean, Middle Eastern and Latin American Complections. .



Vida is perfect for complexion, lips or cheeks as you can mix any colour you want with this diverse palette;



Brio is perfect for eyes as you can create shadow and liner.


Marvellous Moisturizer

Marvellous Moisturiser is a deeply restorative and moisturising cream with healing properties too.

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4K Schmix is a unique mixer and primer that can turn 4K Longwear Creme into a translucent glaze whilst maintaining its longwear and hydroproof properties once set.

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4K Unshine is the best way to mattify makeup and skin without using powder.

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Debut & Bolt On 19 Piece Mixed Hair Brush Set

Debut & Bolt-On 19 Piece Mixed Hair Set of makeup brushes. It comes in a pouch and gives a broad array of shapes.

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Anti Bacterial Drying Cloth

Anti Bacterial Re-Usable Sponge Drying Cloth is a reusable and eco friendly way to dry your makeup brushes.

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Friction Pad

Friction Pad is a textured semi firm silicone hand sized pad that helps you deep clean your makeup brushes.

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Vegan Clary Sage Brush Shampoo

SRL™ Brush Vegan Shampoo has a Young Coconut Milk base, deep cleanses your brushes and sponges.

Veg Clary Sage2oz

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Yoda Starter Kit is a 12 piece edit of essential skinclusive complexion items and tools chosen by UK Makeup Designer David Horne. He created it so that you have an easy starter kit for any aspiring artist or enthusiast setting up a top notch Makeup Kit.

Yoda Starter Kit includes SRL™ essential 4K Longwear Creme palettes and mixing mediums to hydrate, prime, sheer and mattify as required by you, the Professional Makeup Artist.
This 12 Piece make kit contains these recommendations from David

Debut+Bolt On 19 Piece Set – 19 natural and vegan hair makeup brushes in an easy to clean vinyl pouch
Vegan Clary Sage Brush Shampoo – eco and ocean friendly brush cleaner that deep cleans and cares for your Debut and Bolt On Set
Anti Bac Sponge Drying Cloth – Reusable and washable sponge cloth to quickly absorb water and dry your brushes. stays anti bac as it hardens between uses.
Friction Pad – Palm sized pad to help you get a deep down brush clean.
Marvellous Moisturiser – moisturiser and mixer
Schmix – silicon primer and mixer
Unshine – powderless mattifyer
4K Longwear Creme Palettes – 50 foundadtion, complexion, eye and brow colours

Your How To Videos to help you understand some items in Yoda Start Kit are here.

Brush Shampoo
4K Longwear Creme

Friction Pad
Anti Bac Sponge Cloth

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