Triangle Large #11


Hair Type: Vegan Racoon (Man-Made Hair)
Collection: Innovation
Tribute: Eryn Kruegar Mekash
Dimensions: 26mm at longest point x 24mm wide

Cruelty-free manufacturing ✓
100% renewable resources ✓
100% Made in USA ✓

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composite of makeups

My triangle brushes are unique and off the charts great, just like the lady I created them for. I am blessed to be able to call her my friend, I admire her, love her work and she has created some of the most recognizable makeups in television today.

Eryn Kruegar Mekash is one talented lady. As department head of American Horror Story she gets to scare the world to death on a weekly basis. When I asked Eryn which shape she would want me to create for her, she told me a triangular flat. So I went off and thought about Eryn, about how unique she is and how her work inspires so many kids out there, and I wanted to created a brush that would represent her and be as unique as she is. I made her three brushes in total and they are flawless and loved by many.

Hair Type: Vegan Raccoon (Man-Made Hair)
Collection: Innovation
Dimensions: 23mm  x 22mm wide

Cruelty-free manufacturing ✓
100% renewable resources ✓
100% Made in USA ✓


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