Makeup Brush Set: 12 Piece NouVeau Pro


A selection of 12 premium vegan brushes from our nouVeau Collection for pros and passionistas.

Cruelty-free manufacturing ✓
100% renewable resources ✓
100% Made in USA ✓


All makeup brushes in this set are from our NouVeau Collection

Vegan Brown Squirrel Brushes:

  • #1/N Super Fine Bent Liner 
    Eyeliner, Details
  • #2 Arc Blender
    Concealer, Contour, Creams
  • #7 Soft Fan Duster 
    Powder, Highlighter

Vegan Mongoose Brushes:

  • #3 All About Lip 
    Lip Colour, Concealer
  • #5 Pyramid Foundation 
    Foundation, Concealer, Contour
  • #17 Soft Concave Fan
    Highlighter, Powder

Vegan Blue Squirrel Brushes:

  • #8 Perfect Shadow Blender
    Eye Shadow
  • #10 Soft Shadow Contour
    Eye Shadow
  • #11 Soft Shadow Accent
    Eye Shadow
  • #12 Super Soft Blusher
    Blush, Powder, Bronzer
  • #14 Super Soft Wedged Contour
    Powder, Contouring, Blush
  • #15 Soft Shadow Socket 
    Eye Shadow

Available Online Only

Freebie: 1 Free Brush Shampoo (1oz)

We recommend you keep your brushes clean and conditioned with Vegan Brush Shampoo


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