I Love Cleaning Brushes Kit


I Love Cleaning Brushes Kit is your eco friendly one stop shop for chemical free brush cleaning. And it’s all in one bag. We have two types of Brush Shampoo and six scents.



I Love Cleaning Brushes Kit is a travel friendly brush cleaning kit. It comes in either Goatmilk or Vegan Young Coconut and you have six scent options. Cleaning your makeup brushes is so important to keep them bacteria free and in tip top condition. Washing your brushes after every use can help to minimize the chance of viral contamination too and this brush cleaning kit is a handy way to do that.

Did You Know That Dirty Makeup Brushes Can Hold Staphycoccal & Streptacoccal Bacteria, Funguses, Dead Skin and Dust? This is why it is really important to clean your brushes after every use. Don’t forget to always use hot water for deepest clean.
CDC has said that washing hands is the best way to avoid viral transfer to humans, this simple protocol directly affects makeup brushes as well. I Love Brushes Kit is your one stop solution to this process and reassures you all is well.

Kit Contains:

How to use:
Take your dirty brushes and wet them in hot water. Then swoosh your brush, one at a time, around on the solid Brush Shampoo until it lathers up. Next, rub the brush back and forth on the heart friction pad until all the makeup lifts out.
Once your brush is soapy, rinse well in hot water until it rinses clean. When that step is done, you press out all excess water until it’s gone into the Anti Bacterial Re-Usable Drying Cloth. If the cloth gets too wet, simply wring it out and it will be good to go again.

I Love Cleaning Brushes Kit is made in USA


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