Atlanta 4 Day Intensive Dec 3rd, 4th, 5th,6th 2020

From: $450.00 / month for 2 months with 1 day free trial and a $700.00 sign-up fee

Atlanta Makeup Intensive is a 4 day progressive intensive makeup bootcamp. All days are 10 hours long with a one hour break away lunch.  Attendees booking all four days  receive a Siân Richards London Kit including brushes, palettes and mixing mediums. Materials provided at a reduced rate to be ordered in advance through Nigel Beauty. Model fees are additional payable on the day to your model. Limited Class size; in order to give focused education.

Flexible payment options available.
Single 10 hour Intensive: $1400
Either One Payment of $1400
or $700 deposit and 2 months at $450
Four Day Full Intensive: $4200
Either pay in one go for the best rate or in various installments



Atlanta 4 Day Intensives are a series of  progressive demos and hands on one on one focused tuition where Siân and Neil walk you through essential makeup skills. Demos start at 9am sharp and last approximately 3-4 hours after which we break for lunch. The rest of the day is practical where you will each have a model to practice what you were shown in the morning. All your materials will be ready, just bring your brushes. Every day is 10 hours long and attendees booking all four days receive a Siân Richards London Kit including brushes, palettes and mixing mediums. Limited Class size in order to give focused education.

Bald is Beautiful: Bald Cap Class. December 3rd 2020:
Bald Is Beautiful Intensive teaches you how to properly fit and apply a vinyl bald cap.

  • Techniques Covered Are:
    The importance of proper skin prep
    Bald cap prep
    Dry hair wrapping and pinning for medium length hair
    Glueing and info on best types of glues to use and why
    Placement of a bald cap
    Snug fitting with tape under the cap
    Losing and edge and blending away
    How to create skin texture once the baldie is fitted to achieve a realistic skin finish
    Applying colour detail with various paint techniques
    Proper removal to save the skin
    Post removal cleansing

Getting Hairy: Facial Hair and Postiche Class. December 4th 2020:
Getting Hairy Intensive covers all aspects of facial hair and postiche application.

  • Techniques Covered:
    Hair Prep. How to steam, hackle, mix and crimp hair
    Understanding facial hair textures and blends
    Glueing. Spirit gum, matte silicone adhesive, encapsulating
    Applying lace sideburns
    Overlaying hair onto a lace piece.
    Complete hand laid beard
    Applying Afro facial hair
    Stubble creation. Complex and simple
    Facial hair filling
    Dressing with irons and finishing products


Tatted Up: Tattoo Transfer and Covering Class. December 5th 2020:
Tatted Up class is a fully rounded experience teaching you how to realistically apply transfer tattoos and blend them to skin tones and how to properly cover up real ones.

  • Techniques Covered:
    Discussion. Why understanding people’s ethnic origin is vital to realistic skin tone replication, what makes skin look real.
    Skin prep and its’ importance
    Location based skin tint application on the face, neck or body
    Hand painted tattoo cover
    Airbrushed tattoo
    Detailing post cover for realistic skin
    Sealing and fixing
    Cleaning off skin safely

Big Air: How To Get The Most From Your Airbrush. December 6th 2020:
Big Air class is a detailed class teaching you how to get the most use out of your airbrush. Airbrushes are diverse and effective time savers, and having a fully rounded skilled knowledge can really help many different types of makeup application. Neil Morrill is a whizz at airbrushing and has done it for years, he knows that often artists pay top dollar for their airbrush yet only know how to use a small percentage of it.

  • Techniques covered

Balancing Pressure and Brush for different paint techniques
What type of airbrush for what type of makeup
Balancing your budget; when and if you need to spend big
Different Compressors and how to use them properly
Airbrush Hygiene and maintenance
Paint Applications
Makeup Applications

NB: You will need to bring your airbrush or pre purchase and airbrush and compressor to class. If you need guidance prior to the Intensive, Neil will guide you on what is best for you; however we recommend getting the Paasche H or HS as a great starting point and price point too.

Date: December: 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th 2020
Time: 9am – 6pm
Venue: TBD

SRL Email: here
NB: Print your email confirmation as it is your ticket.
All sales are final and non refundable
Terms and Conditions

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