Siân Richards brings masterclasses and intensives to your home town. Do you already work in makeup and need to improve your skills? Or would you love to have a career in makeup and would like to see how it’s done and speak to working pros you can learn from? Either way, investing in your education is the best gift you can professionally give to yourself. Join us to help yourself evolve and grow. Attending our masterclasses and bootcamps will set you on the right path.

When you book a class with Sian you can expect these things:

  • Education from working makeup artists in movies and fashion
  • Experience based knowledge and product information
  • In depth skills taught in a fun and informative way
  • Tips and career advice
  • Inspiration
  • A feeling of money well invested
  • Small classes for focused education in our Intensives

Meet our educators! They are the tops! Between them there is over 100 years industry experience so we have you covered from movie character, sfx, period, postiche, invisible makeup, tattoo covering, complection altering, sculpting, casting, mold making, commercial and editorial beauty, drag and burlesque makeup techniques. We teach it all and teach it well! We have educators everywhere and our network is growing.

Siân Richards Educator For Siân Richards London
Siân Richards: Siân grew up in London and has had a career that has spanned nearly 30 years in makeup. She is second generation following in her father’s footsteps. Starting off in fashion and commercial stills, music and tv commercials, Siân moved over to her first love – movies – in the late 90’s. She teaches cores skills that cross over from high beauty makeup to special effects and character makeup. You will know her work from Black Panther, Bessie: Queen Of The Blues, Cloud Atlas, Infinity Wars and Endgame. Siân is a very strong educator enabling students to think outside of the box as well as teaching them the practical skills needed to take their careers to the next level. Siân is a global educator.
Neil Morrill Educator For Siân Richards London
Neil Morrill: Neil Morrill is a legend! He grew up in the UK and wanted to do makeup effects from an early age. He started makeup effects practicing in his parents garage as a young kid. He is a sculptor, fabricator and makeup effects artist with 25 years of experience who moved to Toronto, Canada where he now works in all areas of film makeup. You will have seen Neil’s work if you have seen Band Of Brothers, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The Strain, Shazam, IT and Suicide Squad among others. Neil educates in UK, America and Canada where his classes have become favoured by many in the industry; he is a strong and easy going teacher and you will love learning from him.
Stuart Bray, Educator for Siân Richards London
Stuart Bray: Stu Bray is a very strong educator, recognized by many for his ability to get great results from his students. He is a formidable sculptor, mold maker and special effects makeup artist living in the UK. As a child, he watched monster movies avidly and it set him on his path into the world of makeup effects. He has worked in this capacity for the past 25 years covering all areas of sfx from makeup to foam rubber making. You will have seen his work on Shaun Of The Dead, Saving Private Ryan, The Mummy 1&2, Dr Strange, Game Of Thrones, The Crown and many more. Stu also writes an fx makeup blog and co-hosts Battles With Bits Of Rubber podcast. Stu teaches sculpting, mould making, life casting and special effects makeup application in the UK and USA.

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