Makeup Brush Sets

Siân’s Picks – Makeup Brush Sets

Makeup Brush Sets are an easy way to quickly get a great collection of brushes and you benefit from group pricing when you purchase!

We have two new sets from Innovation Vegan Artist Collection.  After many requests from pros, we now have Innovation Pro which is a 12 piece set that is great for art, character work, special effects, body painting and beauty. Tips and Textures is an 8 piece set that delivers delicate details and textures and which works with any medium. Always clean with Vegan Brush Shampoo to keep them in great shape.

Debut Set is the ideal starter set and Bolt-On booster set goes with it to complete a 19 piece set that is great for beginners and pros alike. Classic Pro, Can’t Live Without and Best Kept Secret Pro are three of our strongest selling natural hair brush sets; NouVeau Pro and The Fundamental out sell all other vegan sets.

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